Hayes Brake


Custom OEM Products

Sometimes the envelope
pushes back.

Every manufacturer pushes the limits. It’s what happens after the line gets crossed that separates the great from the average.

We’ve developed an extensive product portfolio and comprehensive engineering services for customers like Harley-Davidson, Trek, Polaris, John Deere, Specialized, Arctic Cat, JCB and many others largely as a result of our refusal to compromise. It’s why we’ve sold over 19 million brakes worldwide and are now the largest manufacturer of brake systems in North America, supplying systems for OEM and aftermarket bicycle industries as well as powersport and specialty applications.

Our engineering teams are constantly exploring new technologies and materials to provide brake systems that outperform all others. Even in the most rigorous conditions and beyond considerable obstacles. Add the fact that we have everything we need in-house to research, develop and test and you understand how our customers appreciate our nimble, confident disregard for typical boundaries. Not to mention our quick development of new products, applications and industry standards.

Interested in working with us? Complete, as well as possible, this “Brake Analysis and Proposal (BAP)” form we will perform an engineering analysis of your particular requirement and make a recommendation based on the data that you give us.

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