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How it Works

Predictable Braking Performance Unbreakable Confidence

The Hayes TrailTrac High Performance Electronic Braking System Upgrade kit is shipped from our factory to your dealer as a fully pre-filled and bled brake system, ready for install on your sled in about an hour.

The kit replaces your factory:

  • Brake Lever and Master Cylinder
  • Brake Lines
  • Brake Caliper
  • Brake Pads

40% more braking power is achieved with high performance friction material, low retraction calipers, and system optimized master cylinder bore diameter.

New components include:

  • Backlit Diagnostic On/Off switch
  • Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU)
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • Speed Sensor and Speed Sensor End Cap

Once installed, the system can be turned on an off with a gloved hand via a backlit, diagnostic operator control switch. When riding with TrailTrac on, a speed sensor continuously monitors track speed while accelerating, cruising, braking and cornering.  When braking, our highly engineered and tuned brake management software actively controls and adjusts caliper brake pressure and corresponding track slip over the entire speed range to provide the best available braking performance for conditions. When fully engaged TrailTrac keeps the track moving, providing powerful, predictable and controlled braking performance over a wide range of snow conditions and terrain.

In the event of an electrical malfunction the system uses its own embedded diagnostic software to monitor system health, detect faults and inform the rider of system availability via the backlit, color-coded control switch. In the event of an electrical failure the system is designed to always provide base brake functionality for the rider.

All this control doesn’t mean a lot of extra weight. When added to a snowmobile with electric start and a 12v battery TrailTrac adds approximately four pounds (less than a gallon of gas). A battery kit and charging wire harness are available as Polaris service parts in the event a rider wants to install the kit in a sled that does not have electric start.

To learn more about how TrailTrac is installed download our Hayes Trail Trac Install Guidelines for 2010 – 2014 Polaris Rush, Pro-R and Indy snowmobiles.

Designed, developed, assembled & tuned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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