Hayes Brake


Global Sourcing

Where do our best ideas come from? Everywhere.

Global sourcing. It’s been an integral and critical success factor in our overall strategic business plan for practically ever. It keeps our products competitive economically and performing at the highest levels possible on a global basis.


But, it’s not enough to simply source from international suppliers. We monitor and are involved in all aspects of supplier production. Whether North America, Asia or Europe, we are fully staffed with exceptional people in the countries where we work. Having a robust global supply chain with the proper systems and infrastructure support ensures Hayes can exceed business expectations for supply chain excellence.


Our global sourcing strategy includes:

– Develop and maintain highly trained local project, procurement, engineering and quality support.

– Execute detailed supplier audits to prove out new suppliers and guarantee performance improvements over time.

– Utilize Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) methodology to ensure smooth product launches and consistency.

– Focus and improve on supply chain resilience and redundancy.

– Create an excellent on time/real time communications and systems infrastructure.

– Provide data privacy and information security.

– Simplify the international supply chain by removing logistical complexities.

– Invest in the supply chain through supplier development utilizing 6Sigma statistical process techniques and discipline.

– Understand where variation occurs through disciplined 8D process and attack root causes.

– Select and develop the best international suppliers with common business goals and solid financial capability.

– Validate total cost difference, and compare benefits with potential complexity.


The end result? Exceeding global sourcing expectations, maximizing cost, quality, delivery and flexibility.