Hayes Brake



Our customers are very demanding. Exactly the way it should be..


You don’t become a world-class manufacturer without learning to jump through a few hoops and figure out a way to solve problems more creatively and effectively than anyone else in the world. Anyone can have fancy equipment, large facilities and lots of technical resources, and ours are among the best. But our respected, hands-on, can-do teams demand continual improvement of each other to produce the unique results that make our products industry leading. It’s this process that separates our world-class performance from the rest of the world.

Many of our manufacturing leaders have been working together for more than 25 years – unheard of in a churn and burn industry. Our teams have evolved through years of modern manufacturing processes and have survived a few “flavors of the day” to adopt only the best practices to be recognized as state of the art in world-class manufacturing.

Our dedication to superior manufacturing has been ingrained in our Hayes Business System philosophy. It’s why we have highly advanced facilities and blue chip teams in the US, Germany, Taiwan & China. And, it’s why we’re consistently able to meet any of our customer’s challenging demands.

Utilizing focused cellular manufacturing processes, our facilities eliminate waste and improve accountability. Our cells of excellence, known as Diamond Cells, are bright, clean, and robust, with a place for everything and are incorporated with integrated work instructions, embracing error proofing through a combination of product design and processes. Single-piece flow ensures highest product quality at the source, 100% testing ensures complete product integrity. Plus, our strategically aligned comprehensive 6S and 6 Sigma lean programs drive our continuous improvement activities. And, our performance metrics keep our team focused on safety, cost, quality and on-time delivery. Many of our customers have become accustomed to 100% on-time delivery and 0 PPM quality.

So, if you really desire superior performance and a long-term relationship, we should talk.