Hayes Brake


Product Development

For a company focused on slowing things down, our speed might surprise you.

Agile product development is at the very core of our success. It starts with a passionate enthusiast’s desire to improve something. And it ends at the intersection of creativity and disciplined focus.

Our customers have come to expect rapid and frequent product iterations with multiple design options and flexibility of application. How do we pull it off? It starts with forward-thinking strategic product planning and a technology roadmap linked to overall business objectives. Then, we torturously test and incessantly analyze in order to optimize, balance and prioritize requirements and identify opportunities and risks earlier than others. Finally, our unique team of enthusiasts has to put their stamp of approval on each product.

We proudly offer a diverse line of portfolio, differentiated and tailored products from entry-level through advanced technologies. And, we have the ability to customize products to integrate flawlessly with the vehicle’s styling and performance objectives. We do it with all the latest tools and technologies integrated throughout our business and applied by our highly experienced teammates including Pro-E, CAD, FEA, NVH and DOE.

If the combination of performance, technology and speed-to-market is appealing, we’re your correct partner.