Hayes Brake


Worldwide Operations


World Headquarters
Mequon, Wisconsin – USA


Garching, Munich – Germany


Jinhua, Zhejiang – China

Taipei City, Taiwan

Wugu, Taipei, Taiwan

Since 1969, the Hayes World Headquarters has been located at 5800 West Donges Bay Road in Mequon, Wisconsin. The site includes corporate offices and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spanning 155,000 square feet, where 275 senior executives, sales, engineering, support and production staff are employed.

Today, Hayes’ global presence consists of 400+ dedicated team members in five facilities that span the United States, China, Taiwan and Germany, resulting from an overall global strategy to remain competitive in the markets we serve. Global sourcing allows us to keep manufacturing and distribution costs low without compromising safety, performance and reliability in the products we make. Ultimately, a global strategy and presence is the key to reaching our full growth potential.