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When you’re headquartered in Wisconsin, designing and engineering brake systems for snowmobiles is something you take very seriously. Because true adrenaline junkies in this part of the world, like us, know their way around a snowmobile. So, we make sure the braking systems we design are in line with our aggressive style. No one combines the technical expertise with the passion like we do to produce a system unique to your needs.

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Sometimes the envelope pushes back.
Every manufacturer pushes the limits. It’s what happens after the line gets crossed that separates the great from the average.

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Off the shelf, off the charts.
We’re of the belief that creating aftermarket products to exceed our customers’ expectations will benefit all facets of our business. It’s why we put so much into our aftermarket and OEM product solutions. And it’s not just for our advanced brake and control systems. That passion goes into everything we make.

Take our bicycle aftermarket components. The research, engineering and innovation we put into our industry-leading brands like Manitou, Wheelsmith, SunRingle and Answer find their way into our OEM product solutions. And vice versa. Maybe that’s why the off-road bicycling world commonly refers to a parts upgrade as getting “Hayesed.”





Sequential Verification Assembly Cell (S-VAC)

While continuous improvement and development of industry-leading brake and control systems is our core competence at Hayes, equally important is our world-class manufacturing capabilities. As we design & develop new innovative technologies, it creates a demand for even more sophisticated and complex manufacturing systems. This is the genius behind our proprietary Sequential Verification Assembly Cell or S-VAC.

Hayes brake systems from our S-VAC system feature:

  • Sequential component assembly
  • Intelligent assembly fixtures and fastening systems
  • Component barcode verification
  • System level vacuum and leak detection
  • Proprietary multistage fluid conditioning process and fill
  • Performance validation of brake and ABS functions
  • Serialized traceability

Hayes brake systems from our S-VAC system are guaranteed to produce more power, better feel and sustained consistency. Another significant benefit from S-VAC to our OEM partners is the ability to eliminate the risks from the paint damaging effects of brake fluid in their production facilities.


Positive Pad Retraction™ (PPR™)

Our patented Positive Pad Retraction™ (PPR™) and Retention Device technology is primarily used for on-road motorcycle and mountain bike applications and ensures the brake pads are lifted off the brake rotor by the designed retraction of the caliper pistons. The benefits of the brake pads automatically retracting are increased pad life and elimination of any pad drag noise. PPR also significantly improves front wheel rotational stability in racing applications. Here’s how it works; using a spring clip configured to the back plate of the brake pad, the spring clip is connected to a specially design face on the pistons. When the caliper pistons retract as designed the coupled brake pads lift away and create a micro air gap with the spinning rotor.


Water-Cooled Hydraulic Monobloc Caliper™

It’s no big secret that the primary contributor to brake fade is heat. In some applications where the air flow is not sufficient to properly cool the brakes, the fluid can reach the boiling point and significantly impair the performance of the brake system. It’s for this reason Hayes developed our patented Water-Cooled Hydraulic Monobloc Caliper™. This fixed mounted 2-piston caliper is designed with a 1-piece cast aluminum housing. The magic of this technology is in its single-pass coolant passages that minimize turbulence of the coolant flowing while still promoting effective heat removal from the piston and brake fluid.


Spring Applied Hydraulic Release (SAHR)

Our patented Spring Applied Hydraulic Release (SAHR) actuator has become an industry standard for decades and is used by the leading OE manufacturers of agricultural, construction and handling equipment.

Typically used as a secondary means of brake deployment either in emergency situations or as a failsafe park brake system.

Our SAHR actuator uses the vehicle’s central hydraulic pressure system to release and hold off the brake force. When hydraulic pressure drops either by operator command, engine stall, or hydraulic system failure, the stored energy in the SAHR actuator rapidly and automatically applies and holds the park brake to indefinitely hold the vehicle position.

The unique internal spherical pull rod connection allows it to both rotate and articulate as needed for easy installation and following brake lever movement.


Trail Trac®

Hayes strategically partnered with some of the world’s leading hardware and software giants to develop our patent-pending Trail Trac® technology. The result is an electronically controlled hydraulic braking system capable of modular configurations for braking, traction control and other types of vehicle stability functions with model specific calibration tuning. Trail Trac has been specifically developed for ATV, UTV, Side-by-Side and Snowmobile applications. We are working closely with industry-leading powersports OE manufacturers to custom-tune each Trail Trac system according to their unique requirements for each application. Ultimately, Trail Trac assists the driver with increased control of the vehicle over multiple types of off-road terrain with less fatigue, improved safety and a lot more fun.

Crosshair Alignment

The new Crosshair disc brake adjustment system is perfect for those who tend to get a little bent out of shape with disobedient calipers. Our engineers have developed technology that allows you to very quickly and very accurately align your calipers. No more futzing with double washers. Spend a few seconds dialing them in and they’re locked. You don’t even have time to get mad.